Professor Amrita Ahluwalia from Queen Mary, University investigated the effect produced by a gargle for a mouth with a powerful antiseptic. It turned out, the pressure подскакивало a few hours after use. In total, compared pressure indicators of 19 healthy volunteers who used to rinse twice a day. Their pressure during the day rose to 2-3,5 units.

So, with increasing pressure 2 units to the risk of death from heart disease jumped on 7%. And the risk of death from stroke - by 10%. It is known that in rinse, which was used in the experiment was contained antiseptic chlorhexidine in a concentration of 0.2%. He kills germs, necessary for the production of nitrite, important for the relaxation of blood vessels. Rinse reduced the production of nitrite in the mouth more than 90%, and in the blood of 25%.