Some irresponsible drivers will continue to operate a car in the summer tyres in the first cold days, facticity without violating the traffic rules. Remind them why such an act can become very dangerous.

First, it is too solid rubber compound at low temperatures dramatically affects the braking properties. Reduced directional stability and controllability of the car on a wet track surface as a result of increased internal friction. Rubber as it should, does not get warm and the response to the driver becomes sluggish and delayed.

Secondly, tires in less than optimal operating conditions are more intense wear and tear. On the checkered tread winter tires have special slats. These lamely serve to improve grip properties on ice and snow. No on summer rubber slats in the winter can lead to serious consequences. The main negative impact from driving on summer tires in winter deterioration in braking and lateral stability.

Thirdly, the materials Korda summer tires are not designed for operation in conditions of low temperature, high abrasiveness of the road surface and significant speeds. Due to the cold tire can get the warp cords or simply burst on the autobahn at high speed. The noise level at the summer tires in the winter on the pavement is significantly lower than in the winter - it says about the reduction of adhesion with the road surface.