Lack of sex affects women's health more negatively than men's. This manifests itself in all different ways.

Someone becomes nervous — that is, abstinence is reflected in the psychic sphere. And someone it is manifested in the form of various gynecological diseases. Specifically, what kind of disease, then, for example, can occur fibroids. Benign tumors of the uterus.

In the absence of sex in women, as a rule, more pronounced premenstrual syndrome: pain, fatigue, apathy. In menopause — this may be more pronounced climacteric disorders. There are uterine bleeding of various kinds.

After all, what is sex on the physiological level? This massage of the uterus. And if its been a long time not, then of course it leads to violations.

There are people who can sublimate, that is to occupy yourself with something else, adequately replacing sex. Then sex don't need them, per se. And then they do not suffer from diseases and disorders.

Therefore, to distinguish some terms impossible. As wrong to say that all women in the absence of sex is sick. All such diseases and disorders are psychosomatic in nature rather. When a person is busy, he's just not up to it. But only if it "so far" is not delayed. If he's so busy a year or more, then, of course, against this background may arise the disease.

It is clear that they are not directly related to sex — they arise from overwork. But the lack of sex stimulates them.

It all depends on the individual and on the severity of the neurasthenic state.