As reported by the radio station "Moscow speaking" pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova), the letter managed to convey through her Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feigin.

According to the prankster, "we learned that Hope had staged a hunger strike, and decided to intervene in this process, and to try to make her calm down. Of course, her favorite theme is Mr. Poroshenko, who promises everything but does nothing.

We decided to write a letter allegedly from Poroshenko and contacted a lawyer Savchenko vaginam. On behalf of the administration Poroshenko talked with him, he assured that he was ready to convey any message from the President".

"We threw him the materials with a request to stop the hunger strike, pledging to give Savchenko Minister. We also recommended that the Hope is to confess to the crime, the press, and promised to work on it, Hope you hear this plea and pleads guilty. Then Fagina called this press Secretary and expressed their indignation," — said Kuznetsov.

The lawyer pilots mark Feigin in my Twitter wrote that "to urgently provide the following information. During this morning the Consulate General of Ukraine I became the object of very shameless RAID. To discredit the Hope to end her dry hunger strike, was transferred to the forged letter of the President of Ukraine to Nadi".

Feigin says that the story of the letter is the FSB of Russia.

In turn, the press Secretary Poroshenko confirmed that "the President passed on words of support Nadezhda Savchenko after her sister Vera and mother. Any letters he had sent" reports Russian service Bi-Bi-si.

Accused of involvement in the murder of two Russian journalists, Savchenko refused food and water on 3 March, after a judge moved the date of her speech with the last word. March 10 the Ukrainian woman-pilot decided to stop his hunger-strike and start drinking water. According to lawyers, this happened due to the personal request of Petro Poroshenko.

"We need healthy Hope Savchenko, hero of Ukraine, people's Deputy, the symbol of our freedom, which soon would be home, which could offer an example to the rest. I think that all these aforementioned Your activity will not be limited, and would like to see You in our new government," — said in a letter sent in jail Savchenko allegedly on behalf of Poroshenko.

Court of the city of Donetsk of the Rostov region of the Russian Federation will accept the verdict in "the case Savchenko" on March 21-22.

9 March Petro Poroshenko for the first time declared that is ready to swap Savchenko, if we receive a proposal.