In 2011 joão Pereira de Sousa saved the bird, covered with oil and were on the verge of death. He called a temporary pet Dindima.

The Brazilian had cleared the penguin from oil and feeding the bird fish. In a week de Souza tried to release Dindima in the sea, but the pet refused to leave the Savior.

According to a resident of Brazil, penguin lived with him for 11 months. After the change of plumage of Dindim disappeared, but a few months back. He noticed the boss on the shore and followed him home.

Over the past five years Dindim spends eight months a year with the Brazilian. It is believed that the rest of the time he spends off the coast of Argentina and Chile.

"I love the penguin as her own child, and I believe that the penguin loves me," said de Souza.

As suggested by some experts, the bird may believe the Brazilian part of her family and even a penguin.