Save from sand hometown of Anakin Skywalker (who later became Darth Vader) must urgently, because about 10% of the sets is already buried under the sand dunes or destroyed. If until September 2014 funds will not be collected, "one of the biggest cities on Tatooine" may disappear from the face of the earth, remained only on film.

How according to The Daily Star, Mos-Espa was built in the town of PMC-Dzhemal in the South of Tunisia in 1990-s, specially for the film. The local landscape and Berber architecture was inspired by George Lucas.

But this location is in very windy region where the dunes under the influence of wind can move about 15 meters per year. According to the Ministry of tourism of Tunisia, now, after almost a quarter century, it is not enough simply clearing of a city from the sand. The restoration of almost all buildings.

Town consists of about 20 buildings and is one of the attractions not only this region, but in General Tunisia. Every year the "homeland" Darth Vader is visited by thousands of tourists. Therefore, the Ministry did not stay aside and allocated to the project of restoration $ 45,000.

the Rest the sum of the Ministry hopes to receive from sponsors and by private donations through fundraising website.