"At this point you can RUB the eye. As Ukraine until a few decades will not be a member of the EU or NATO? Wow! And despite the fact that the current government in Kiev has announced its aim of joining the EU and NATO," the author writes.

Brussels, as the newspaper notes Die Zeit, promised Ukrainians EU membership once they fulfill the necessary conditions and the so-called Copenhagen criteria.

"In fact, Juncker said the truth, which prefer to remain silent or do to deny, and it consists in the fact that Ukraine is still very long will not reach the state that will allow it to join the Western family," emphasizes Sommer.

The expert notes that "if you look at it carefully, she (Ukraine) is nothing more than collapsing or, to be more precise, a failed state — exhausted, kleptocratic, which in their view are exploited by corrupt bureaucrats and wealthy oligarchs. In it, corruption is rampant, justice is turned into the accomplice of the ruling mafia, the rule of law does not work, the situation in the economy worsens, the reforms are not implemented, the President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk are bitter enemies, the Ministers who want to reform, resign, and readiness to fulfill the Minsk agreements, to adopt a new electoral law to give more autonomy to the Donbass minimum".

"And the question now is whether the West and primarily the EU to draw clear conclusions from inferences Juncker. And, first of all, it is concluded, in order not to let Ukraine wants to join the EU, but to include it in the "historical entwinement of relations with Russia," concludes Sommer.

The author adds that it will not be by appeasement or submission to the Russian ambitions, and the approach to restoration of balance of interests with Moscow.

Because, as once said Henry Kissinger, "if Ukraine wants to survive and thrive, it must not turn into an Outpost of one side against the other. It should be a bridge between them... And if we consider Ukraine as a component of the confrontation between East and West, then any prospects of establishing an international system of cooperation of Russia and the West — especially Russia and Europe — will be destroyed for decades", — says columnist for Die Zeit.