Producer singer Andrey Shlykov told that last Friday, 24 January, held a consultation, the primary consultation, where the best neurosurgeons work, collecting all the tests will discuss further treatment plan, will take place at the beginning of the week, "what Jeanne high chances of recovery, the doctors said," he told "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Previously actress and singer, about the terrible diagnosis which became known several days ago, get in touch with those who supported her good wishes, prayers and money. In the community on the site "Vkontakte" and on the website Русфонда January 24, the day it appeared handling:

"Thank you! It was impossible to imagine that in such a difficult for me and my family time hundreds of thousands of people will respond and support me with words, prayers and money. I thank you all for your attention and care. It gives me strength. Thanks for humanity. Because Russia has so many sympathetic, benevolent, caring people. Collected a huge amount. It far exceeds the cost of treatment. And the money collected in excess of the required, Русфонд will help gravely-ill children...".

The singer was diagnosed with cancer of the brain IV degree, bravely fighting with disease in one of the hospitals of new York. Русфонд held an action aid, Janna Friske, hundreds of thousands of viewers donated more than 67 million rubles for her treatment. In Русфонд asked for help father Jeanne Vladimir Borisovich Friske. He said that the first oncological disease of the brain from his daughter was diagnosed in the U.S. 24 June 2013, and from that moment Zhanna has been treated in American clinic, where the cost of treatment was 104 $ 555. Later it was decided to continue treatment in a German clinic, where the cost of treatment was 170 thousand Euro. She is currently on treatment in the United States. "At the moment, also has unpaid bill for the previous treatment worth $ 104 $ 555 US, - said the singer's father. - Due to the complex diagnosis and long-term treatment plan cash for medical care are practically exhausted". Vladimir Borisovich asked Русфонд to assist in paying for health care for his daughter.

How reported in Русфонде, millions of rubles collected for the treatment of Janna Friske, will help not only to her but to the sick children.