Try to hold regular the eraser in the cold, and look, what happens to her. When the gum is frozen, it can be broken, because in this state it already does not bend, and, of course, erase, nothing will be until it warms up. Why? Yes, because rubber, as well as all other materials, significantly changes its properties depending on temperature.

Therefore, for different temperatures of tire manufacturers develop different chemical composition of the rubber, thus "adopting" a specific bus under operation in a specific temperature range. This range is almost no longer published, but the standard for all rule is the following:

1) Winter tyres are not suitable for use at temperatures above 5 Celsius. They not only become softer and literally "melt", but also fail to meet fully its functions, the stability of the vehicle on the road is a big question.

2) Accordingly, summer tires, the approach temperature to the "zero" hardens and becomes absolutely "oak", which greatly increases the chances of skidding (even on a relatively dry coating), and the probability of rupture of the wheel under normal puncture.

3) all-Season tires are best just feel it in near zero temperature, for example, from -5 to 10 degrees Celsius.