"Mikhail tal - one of the personalities thanks to which the world famous Riga and Latvia, says the film producer, Guntis Tructures. - Tal - the eighth world chess champion - so you know the people in our country and abroad. Sometimes abroad it's even better than in Latvia".

The documentary film "Mikhail tal. From afar" by Latvian Director Stanislav Tokalov does not pretend to solve the mystery of chess genius. He tries to look deep into the ambiguous identity of the tal - to the extent possible today, and the representative of the younger generation, such as Stanislav. The Director had no opportunity to know personally the tal - Mikhail tal died in 62 years more than 20 years ago.

"What tal is one of the most outstanding players in the world, it is clear to all. But how was he as a person? Where is the genius of his personality? - so about his film it is directed by Tokalov. - I am very grateful to the heroes of his film – and children of Mikhail tal - Jeanne and George, and his associates – coach Valentina Kirillova, doctor rafailu Rosenthal, classmate Abraham Leccino and others who helped me to know this amazing person".

The film was created in poetic style. Perhaps viewers will see Parallels with the Riga school of poetic documentary cinema - it's almost 60 minutes of the film is full of metaphors and allegorical images, which highlights the music of Rachmaninoff and Bach's favorite composers tal.

"Mikhail Tal. From afar" is the debut film of writer-Director Stanislav Tokalov in the documentary genre. In 2014, Stanislav received the National award "Big Kristaps" for the short film "Basic desires" ("Mazliet ilgāk"). This fall will premiere its first feature film "what they don't see it", starring Katherine Spitz, Eugene Tkachuk, Andris Keiss, Arnis Licitis.