The Ministry of defence is not received within the deadline of 15 aircraft, eight ships, 17 units of communications and automated control systems, three the carrier rocket "the Roar" and the upper stage "breeze", 253 missiles for various purposes, 240 units of armored vehicles.

As informs "Interfax", Borisov called the causes of failure of contracts to the low level planning of capacity utilization, weak organization of activity of the enterprises, the loss of individual production processes and the breach of cooperative ties.

"Composed pogonazhnye graphics" — quoted Borisov "the Russian newspaper". The companies penalized and work taken under special control. The breakdown of state contracts has caused the growth of overdue receivables to 242 billion rubles, it was reduced to 108.7 billion

President Vladimir Putin called the work on the orders for the army and Navy "is not only a huge trust, but also a huge responsibility". According to him, everything must be done to ensure that such situation is not repeated.

On the official website of the defense Ministry notes that Putin listened to reports of the military Department and defense companies and the construction industry, commanders of military units and connections in the videoconference.

In the reports it was reported that in 2015 the army had supplied more than 1000 units of armored vehicles, 300 units of anti-aircraft missile complexes and systems, over 3,400 units of vehicles, 22, 000 units of the means of communication, more than 650 sets of electronic warfare, two brigade sets of PTRC "Iskander".

In the aerospace force has received more than 230 aircraft, helicopters, 158, 191 radar, four divisional sets of s-400, more than 35,000 aircraft weapons, nine units of launch vehicles and spacecraft. In addition, produced seven launches of carrier rockets, to orbit eight derived spacecraft for various purposes.

On the Navy delivered four warships, four submarines, 52 ships auxiliary purposes, two coastal missile complex "Bastion", 27 naval aircraft, 45 units of missile and artillery weapons.

In the airborne troops received 114 units of armored vehicles, two sets of divisional air defense missile system "Verba", 11 000 of the funds of the landing.

In the strategic rocket forces made 21 ballistic strategic missile, 386 units and parts mobile and stationary missile systems. All troops adopted the technique stood the test and is ready to use.

In 2015 fully implemented plans of deliveries of anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes, missile systems of land forces, strategic tools, aircraft fighter and attack aircraft, helicopters, multi-purpose submarines, armored and missile-artillery armament and other equipment, according to the report.

General summary of the implementation plan APR-2015 to 1 January 2016 is 97%. This is one of the highest figures over the years, according to the website of the Ministry of defense.