words Bulatov, in the Dominican Republic living at his friends-kiters who are always glad to see him. In addition, to go on vacation and rehabilitated him insistently recommended that the Director of the clinic "Boris" Mikhail radutski, "because there is a suitable climate for healing wounds."

Tickets in the Dominican Republic were bought my friend, Director of TEZ-Tour-Ukraine Sergei Burtin. Penny with a common card to the ticket spent," he said.

"I I recall that I had cut off the ear piece, punched through the brush, a very deep cut on his face. Also remind you that the entry to Ukraine then was is closed to me. From the Dominican Republic, I planned to fly to the USA, because I was invited to a meeting with representatives of the state Department and Freedomhouse", - he added.

Bulatov noted that the bloody events on the Maidan just coincided with his trip to the Caribbean. "As soon as I received reliable information that I removed the search, I came back to Ukraine. Tickets, again, bought Sergey Bertin", - the Minister said.

How it was reported that Dmitry Bulatov disappeared on January 23 and was found on 30 January in the village of Cherries, Boryspil district of Kyiv. on 30 January the police asked MP Petro Poroshenko and said that Bulatov delivered in one of private clinics. As told by the activist, he was abducted by the unknown who they beat him fiercely.

2 February Bulatov transit via Riga arrived in Vilnius for treatment, where in the hospital he was visited by his Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. Later Bulatov continued treatment in Germany.

Later in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine stated that "before the disappearance Bulatov bought a computer store dear Apple laptop, nearly 28 thousand UAH (more than $ 3,000). For the purchase, he has paid with a credit card, which came donations in support of Atomidine".

If in the interior Ministry of Ukraine failed to receive from Bulatov specific information that would be useful in the investigation of the circumstances of his abduction. Ukrainian police believe that an activist of atomidine" would kidnap for ransom, but not exclusive and dramatizations.

In version Bulatov not all believed in the ranks of the opposition. So, the Deputy from the party "Batkivshchyna" Sergei Pashinskiy said that he considers the kidnapping Bulatov staged, which can stand people from the opposition.