Latvian team under the guidance of Dainis Kazakevich beginning of the tournament with a victory over the team of Moscow (1:0), and yesterday celebrated the success and in the second match with their peers from Belarus.

the Second the game also ended with a minimum victory of the Latvians, and decided the outcome of the match goal was scored in the 56th minute players Belorussian felinological center "Даугавипилс" Dmitry Климашевичем. Thus, on the 15 th minute of the Belarusians won the right to an 11-meter, but not implemented it (beat captain rivals has been in the bar).

This match of the Latvian team clearly a success, said after the game and Kazakevich. His team immediately took the initiative and, despite the penalty looked in the first half, much better than Belarusians. Most of the attacks team of Latvia tried to hold the right flank, where the opponent showed obvious problems. However, after the break Belarusian players regrouped and have themselves become increasingly threaten the goal Варажинскиса. However, the Latvian team was able to play safely in the defense, she continued to act responsibly, and maintained the minimal advantage.

This the victory of the national team of Latvia has guaranteed itself the quarter-finals, and the last group match With it will hold tomorrow, on 28 January, the team of Kazakhstan.

Cup Commonwealth-2014. Group (second round):

Belarus (U-21) - Latvia (U-21) 0:1 (0:0)
Goal: Климашевич (56)
unrealized penalty: Savitsky (15, bar)

Belarus: Василючек, Клопоцкий, Karpovich, Шестиловский, Шрамченко (Kovalev, 46), Savitsky, Lebedev (Zhuk, 71), Yanchenko (Рассадкин, 60), Yablonsky (Gurenko, 46), Poznyak (Sokol, 46), Елизаренко (Kaplenko accepted an, 78)

Latvia: Варажинскис, Loginov (Мукин, 70), Barinov, Vardanyan (Флаксис, 90), Kirilin (Kazachok, 73), Гильнич, Шлампе, Климашевич, Индранс (Икауниекс, 52), Гутковскис (Сварупс, 69), Тиденберг (Mickelson, 90)

26 January. Saint-Petersburg. Peterburgsky SCC. 250 spectators.

Best playerand: Evgeny Клопоцкий - Raivo Варажинскис

1 Latvia 2 2 0 0 2-0 6
2 Belarus 2 1 0 1 4-2 3
3 Kazakhstan 2 1 0 1 3-4 3
4 Moscow 2 0 0 2 0 0-3