Abdullah, who lives with a foster family in Madona region, by a decision of the OCMA should leave Latvia. The adoptive mother of a minor African Dinah Siliva told the TV3 channel that the Department came to the conclusion that Abdullah is in Latvia for economic reasons, and at home he is not in danger. The young man has the right to appeal the decision.

Abdullah came to Latvia to pass the view in the football club "Metta/LU". According to the Secretary General of a team of Girts Mihelsons, a young man arrived in Riga at their own expense and trained to the team less than three weeks. "Every year we receive hundreds of letters from players from around the camp, wanting to play. Mostly such requests are ignored. This time our Manager out of pity decided to invite Abdullah. He in his letter claimed that he called to the Junior national team and trained in the club "Seattle, Sounders" in the United States. We realized that we don't really need. But Abdullah was ready to come to Latvia at his own expense", - said Michelson.

Already in the first training session of the club it became clear that Abdullah was not a player. "We went to meet him and was given the opportunity to train with our youth, but two weeks later clearly said that you have to go home. Abdullah said that he has friends in Finland, so it's best to go there. Even then we realized that he's not going home. We were ready to pay him a bus ticket to Finland, but it is across the border is not moved. I don't know why, because from that moment on we had no contact," said Mikelsons. According to him, this is the first time in the club's history, when the player does not want to return home.

Previously it was reported that two under-aged asylum seekers who have arrived in Latvia, managed to find foster families. An orphan from the Gambia, Abdulla took to a foster family in Madona region, a teenager from Afghanistan taken to an orphanage in Riga. Abdullah vecpiebalgas studying in high school, his level of knowledge corresponds to the fifth class.