"Can praise 2 militia district is one of the best I've seen. Daugavpils and Rezekne battalions must be very small, so they can serve in very good conditions. Contributions are small, there are possibilities of development, and therefore combat readiness could be much improved. This is evidenced by the summer drills, the best results among areas showed the second militia district", — quotes the words of Bergmanis BNS.

Despite the fact that at the moment Latvia is not considering the resumption of compulsory military service by conscription, and rely on the professional service soldiers and national guard, to discuss the topic of power can still come, says Bergmanis.

According to him, an essential complement to the defense of Latvia if attacked is the presence here of the military of other countries-members of NATO. For this, he explained, building a new military ground in Aluksne. At the moment the teachings of Latvia and NATO on the ādaži landfill so active that already needs new premises to provide the army the opportunity to train.

Bergmanis has previously drawn public attention to the fact that the exercises near the borders of Latvia are exercising the offensive and not defensive action. The same character was different and previous maneuvers of the Russian army in the region.