"Tense the whole of Europe. Protests take place in Finland, will France, the possibility of such a step and discuss the Latvian farmers", — said the Deputy Chairman of the society Myra Dzelzkaleja-the Mayor. Farmers expect, which on Monday will be reaction of Brussels to their requests, and then will consider their next steps.

The head of the society Juris lazdiņš said that the biggest problem at present dairy farmers, but other industries face the challenges of low purchase prices and sales, which is further complicated by the ambiguous relationship with processing enterprises and traders.

"Purchase price of 10 cents below the average for Europe. And if refiners buy that cheap milk and not able to produce cheap products, who is more greedy — the manufacturer or the dealer?" he asked a rhetorical question.

He believes that the solution could be the consolidation of producers — if processing companies, not 36, and only a few large, and the price easier to negotiate.

The Minister of agriculture Janis Duklavs (the Union "green" and peasants) told the Congress participants that the dairy industry will continue to have the status of "stepdaughter".

Established in 1999, "Peasant Sejm" unites almost 900 households across Latvia, who operate more than 500 thousand ha of agricultural land.