Unexpected combinations of drinks, bright colors cocktails, unusual shapes of vessels, entourage - all this Christmas cocktails only benefit. And why do they have to only drink champagne? On new year can experiment with a variety of cocktails and combinations. You can show imagination, but here we must be careful: if you are not strong in this case do not experiment only new year's eve - the consequences can be literally devastating.

What Christmas cocktails differ from all others, and why they need to be special? The new year is a holiday, half or more consisting of moods, from the elusive excitement, shopping, Christmas tree smell of pine needles, tangerines, anticipation and expectation of something new.

In General, the cocktails are not made strong, the alcohol content in them is comparable to the strength of the beer. Cocktail serves to set the mood with the help of taste, aroma and distinctive details. But he should not "cut" a guest in a dream - Christmas night short.

Try to start the evening with a simple cocktails. If you decide to eat before partying all night, to whet the appetite will suit cocktails aperitifs. Let these shakes are easy to do, but reminiscent of winter, with light pine aroma. Very good fit based cocktails bitter tinctures or gin. Control the fortress of the first cocktails. It should be sufficient to appetite woke up, but not strong enough to significantly intoxicate.

Crimson flip

Mix in a blender for a minute 2 egg yolks, 80 ml vodka 30 ml raspberry syrup.
Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Serve in tall glass. Garnish the cocktail with grated chocolate.

Spruce vodka

750 ml: 1 St spruce needles plucked from the branches, 1 bottle of vodka 750 ml
spruce sprouts or pieces of tree.

1. Put spruce needles in a blender with 1/3 vodka. Chop in a blender until education green puree for 2 minutes. Pour into a large bowl or jar.

2. Pour into a blender remaining vodka and whisk to collect remaining on the walls of the needles. Pour into the jar with the rest of the vodka, stir, cover the jar or pour into a bottle of vodka and put in the refrigerator for 1 week.

3. Skip the vodka through a sieve to clear the liquid from the green puree. Then strain the vodka through a coffee filter or through cheesecloth. Pour into a clean bottle and can be stored in the freezer indefinitely.

Pour into a Martini glass green vodka straight from the freezer and decorate fir sprig.

Delicious Snow Maiden

For 1 serving: 110 ml Martini, 30 ml vodka, 60 ml of grape juice, mint leaves, 2 slices of orange, ice to taste.

In the first pour a glass of vodka, add after Martini and grape juice, then add ice and mix well. In the finished cocktail squeeze the juice of 1 orange wedges and serve. Garnish the cocktail with fresh mint and orange slice.

Christmas dreams

For 1 serving: 30 ml vodka