Despite the fact that at the moment has already arrived calendar winter, with aquaplaning Latvian driver may face at any moment.

As reports essentially, aquaplaning is temporary and can last for fractions of a second, but unfortunately, this time it is sometimes enough for big trouble on the road. Based on the laws of physics, the moment in which will come complete loss of tire contact with the road (and will come it at all) depends on the mass of the vehicle attributable to the wheel speed and the thickness of the water film on the road. The main factor is speed. It depends on the speed force that pushes the car onto the surface of the water.

Well, to some extent, this point depends on the efficiency with which the bus diverts water from the contact patch with the road. You can hardly call this factor is not that crucial, and even significant. You also need to understand that for a complete loss of control, aquaplaning should happen simultaneously, at least two wheels of one axle, and much worse, if this axle - front.

How to avoid aquaplaning?

On the basis of the factors determining the time of onset of aquaplaning, the main way to avoid loss of control is simple observance of the rules of the road (SDA) and a decrease in speed during rain and on wet roads.

Sometimes even experienced drivers are victims of aquaplaning, trying to apply in this situation tactics to avoid skidding when sliding. Here we need to understand that between aquaplaning and sliding a huge difference, both from the point of view of physics, and from the point of view of the behavior of the car. Therefore, should not be confused aquaplaning, which occurs only at high speed, sliding on wet roads (usually at the beginning of the rain).

If You feel that the car "floats" and You don't control the trajectory of its motion, in any case, make no sudden movements, no hands (steering wheel) or legs (pedal). Just release the gas pedal and very soon controllability at least partially restored, after which You can carefully move depending on the situation. In any case, in this case, it is impossible to sharply push the brake or change the position of the steering wheel - uncontrolled skidding almost guaranteed.