This is the second launch of ballistic missiles by North Korean military in the last days. The last such launch was held on 3 March. And on Wednesday, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN said that his army has reduced nuclear warheads, which can be used on short-range missiles.

Also this week, Pyongyang threatened Seoul and Washington with a nuclear strike.

The DPRK started to make loud statements and conduct missile launches in early March, shortly after the UN Security Council imposed against the country's new international sanctions in response to the nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang.

The UN resolution imposes restrictions on imports from the DPRK several kinds of valuable metals, and also obliges countries to inspect all cargo entering North Korea, on the subject of prohibited goods and technology.

In addition, several North Korean citizens and organizations were added to the black list.

In support of the resolution was made by including China, which is considered an ally of the DPRK.