On boring monotonous work

When performing repetitive and boring tasks, like data entry, packaging of goods or labor on the Assembly line music really has a positive effect on labour productivity, the researchers say. But why is this happening, science does not know yet, because the performance improvement is also noted in that case that plays rhythmic, and, for example, classical music. There are a number of experiments, however, show that gives bonuses just to improve the mood by listening to your favorite music.

In noisy environments

The results of one study suggest that the IT professionals working in a noisy office environment, perform tasks faster when listening to music. But this is due, again, to improve mood. In another study in 2011 indicated that the work in the "open" office without walls and classrooms negatively affects productivity, as people are distracted all the time. Trim excess noise using headphones with your favorite music helps to solve this problem.

While learning something

But the scholar students to please nothing — study after study shows that any extraneous noise, including music (even your favorite) while studying negatively affects the ability to absorb new information. And the more complex the information to be learned, the more damage her ability to remember causes ambient noise.

At the time of inventing something

Employees of creative work it is best to really listen to the music, but the background, not too loud — then she "whips" the brain in the right direction. If you need to think about something carefully, choose instrumental, classical and ethno music.

During the writing of letters and any texts

Music with words in serious damage to those working the "fingers" are gaining texts or emails. This is because the brain subconsciously processes all the words that we hear and they "conflict" with those words, which we are trying at this moment to write. However, the researchers did not specify how words in a language we don't understand. Logic dictates that they should not interfere, because for us it's just noise... And Yes, the song with the words do not interfere with designers, artists, and other members of the creative class, who don't write lyrics.

Additional observations

The researchers also indicate that there is a direct link between how we are familiar with the music and our performance. This relationship is very simple: the better we know the composition, the better they influence our performance. New songs and albums, and even favorite artists, too much load your brain with new information, he begins to "listen" and spends resources to the processing of new information — even if we do not notice it.

So at work, just listen to your favorite old songs!