Here are eight smart and not always wet tips on how to properly take a shower.

How often should one take a shower?

Many people prefer to get under the falling jet of water on a daily basis — and it's the right decision, if these people engaged in physical labor or just a lot of sweat. For all others it's a good idea to take a shower every other day because too frequent washing "washes" useful oils that the skin itself moisturizes. Plus it is worth considering that during one shower can be poured on to 200 liters of water — think about what negative effect this has on the nature (and how devastating for you).

What about the temperature?

Many like it hot or, conversely, colder. However, scientists say that the best — "summer water" or slightly lukewarm. Why? Because of extremely cold or extremely hot water rapidly dries the skin. Well, you cannot ignore the fact that the hot water is still more expensive than cold, so it must be used moderately.

Wash properly

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In the shower it is good to wash your face, especially if you use a cleanser and moisturizer at the same time. But the trick is that it should be applied BEFORE you take a shower. Then, standing under the water, give it a minute or two to soak in, and then wash, standing so that the jet of water falling directly on the face. Delicate facial skin is better to wash hands carefully and.

Not all shampoos are made equal

The more aggressive shampoos, the more surface-active substances (surfactants), so choose "soft" and "gentle" types. Contrary to what the commercials say, they will cope with dirt as easily, and what types of "active adult" or "oily hair". While washing hair, use fingertips and not fingernails. The ears should be washed index finger, not touching either of them directly in the ear canal.

Unless you just returned from the competition on mud football, not zealous to wash away the sand from head — normal water flows perfectly cope with particles of skin and fat, shrouded molecules of shampoo. And the head in most cases it is not necessary to wash twice whatever the ad said. Although, of course, if you have just passed the obstacle course for special forces...

Leave washcloths for miners

In one your mom was right — for body wash ordinary person absolutely don't need all these tough and even cruel washcloths. They are good for miners or miners and good in collecting all the bacteria in the tub. But for ordinary body wash quite a modern city dweller nylon "cloth", which is distributed soap or detergent on the body. And she doesn't have to fiercely RUB — Pat yourself! If you did not come out from the face, your skin not eaten anything that needed to be scraping frantically, worthy the best application.


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Two things I must say about washing the genitals. First, no washcloths, only hands. Secondly, the less soap and other detergents, particularly where the outer part is transferred to the inside, the better. The negative impact of soap in these places it is best to compare it with soap in the eyes. And as you since childhood avoid soap in the eyes, also it must be avoided and on the genitals.

To write or not?

Continuing sensitive topics... if the idea seems repugnant to you, then, of course, the answer is "no". It's your shower and do there whatever you want. Those who celebrate in the shower small need should not be a problem of conscience — human urine is sterile and in any case will not make the shower more dirty from the biological point of view. Yourself this way, too, not to damage. You also save water that would once again flushed it down the toilet. Benefit!

Don't forget about legs

Many people mistakenly think taking a shower that "soapy water wash and feet". No, it won't wash! Therefore, taking a shower, don't forget to wash that part of your body — with the same, and perhaps greater zeal that you show when you "clean" the head or body.