By itself, snoring is caused by vibration of muscles in the throat that relax during sleep and block the throat. This contributes to a number of factors like sleeping on their backs, drinking large quantities of tobacco or alcohol, excess weight, etc.

Snoring try to treat in different ways, including using breathing exercises, as well as the application of some mechanical means. But absolute and effective remedies for snoring is not yet invented, so researched trying other options.

For example, oropharyngeal (oropharyngeal) workout, as did the authors of the article in the magazine Chest. They divided the people suffering from snoring into two groups. One within three months of trying to treat conventionally, and the second is in compliance with these new exercises. As a result members of the second group began to snore 36% less, and the intensity of snoring decreased by 59% — these figures were significantly better than those treated traditionally.

These simple exercises, each of which have to do 20 times:
— touch the tip of the tongue palate and slide them back