3.* Use the mobile app, for example, Smoke Free, which counts the number of cigarettes you haven't smoked, how much money you have saved and how much healthier steel. Android, iOS.

2. Delay the first cigarette at a later time. First of at least 10 o'clock in the morning, then before lunch, and then, suddenly, starts to forget completely about the smokes — first until the evening, then and forever.

3. Calculate how much you could save by avoiding tobacco. The bill will go to hundreds of euros per year!

4. Do it for the sake of the unborn child. Smoking is dangerous to the fetus in the womb and the chances that the child will smoke followed his parents is also higher in the case when the family smoke (although not necessarily).

5. Do it for the sake of today's children — we can argue about how dangerous passive Smoking, but it's sure not anything useful.

6. Do it for the guy or the girl (th) fell in love. Some people really don't like "kissing an ashtray".

7. Use a strong shock as the catalyst, is one of readers wrote that he had abandoned after her mother's boyfriend died of cancer of the larynx. Another described a similar case — his best friend's father died of lung cancer.

8. Replace cigarettes with exercise — Smoking after an intense fitness load sickens many people.

9. The book "Easy way to stop Smoking" by Allen Carr really works. Just read it.

10. Engage in something so fascinating that would cause you to forget to smoke. Embark on a journey, for example.

11. Find an example to follow — start to look at social networks for people whose health and whose physical form admire. Soon own Smoking will start to cause you problems.

12. Replacement chewing gum and candy work for many people. Try them.

13. Find someone who also wants to quit — and do it together. Best of all, if it's a significant other or close friend.

14. Every time please smoke, on Google pictures of lungs of smokers. Gradually it will begin to cause you problems, how reasonable is your habit.

15. Take at least a three-day hike without cigarettes and opportunities to get them. It will be hard, but you will see what I can without them.

16. Every time you want to smoke, sminaire a pack and cigarette break. Start at least breaking one cigarette.

17. Enjoy the moment. For example, one reader because of the surgery mouth was forced not to smoke for three days. After Smoking became possible, he decided to see how long he can live without cigarettes...

18. Listen to your body — the bad smell, yellow teeth, dizziness, and shortness of breath even after a quick walk, all the signals that the body tired of your habit.