The festival is scheduled for the summer — from 29 to 31 July. According to data Lursoft, the newspaper reported that the owner of the company — Kamalian Wakhan, last year the turnover was equal to zero.

Part of the councilors was baffled by such generosity, for example, MP Gunta of Liepina offered to help in organizing the event, covering the rental of premises. Chairman of the Duma Gatis truxinic indicated that money will be allocated from program funds for unforeseen expenses and of the funding in the budget was provided for the contest of illusionists Wizart Trophy.

"154 investing thousands of illusionists, and the hall was empty. Just sitting at tables that we could see. Almost one school it was possible to contain the money. No sense this will not happen," expressed puzzlement ex-mayor, the Deputy legal wysockis.

In turn Truxinic the newspaper explained that he hoped for a new audience from Russia.