Each new initiative in the context of this law strengthens the belief that the new Liepaja prison is really a very visionary project, and is not yet complete project works, it should even increase! I, as a lawyer, I see that the policy of criminal sanctions, the current political power began to aggressively protect your rights to the money of the population and to attempt to hedge by using different kinds of exaggerated control mechanisms for the freedom of his expressions and actions.

One gets the feeling that all the "gingerbread" in power already ended and left only the "whips". How else would you explain the fact that the ever-tougher penalties (with real terms of imprisonment) and for the payment of salaries, and for discrediting the authorities, and even for new political initiatives?

With regard to such innovations, as a prison sentence for a salary in envelopes, everything is clear: attempts to overcome the shadow economy has been hard threats against entrepreneurs, the state budget NEEDS money urgently. It is obvious that the belief in fair distribution of government funds of the state budget in tatters. Any beautiful infographic about the spending budget pale in comparison to the reports of numerous violations of law by employees of the SRS and their unexplained income. But there is also reports of mismanagement of public funds — it is enough to recollect only the story of the new building of the SRS.

In addition, if indeed the authorities are so concerned about honest businessmen and hired workers, it would be logical to first take up those businessmen who do not pay their employees salary, grossly cheating their workers, cynically leaving them without a livelihood. It turns out that the state strictly punishes for not paying taxes, defending its own interests, but not ready to prosecute those who deliberately do not pay workers a salary, fully or partially.

Who is criminal law? Did the new kinds of punishment to protect us or to scare? Why, for example, the government and legislators for years to "play" with pedophiles? They reduce the punishment, then increase... Why make a fuss over drivers-drunkards, which every year kill tens of people?

Why it is inappropriate to protect our citizens from real crimes? But today, when carelessly thrown over the floor — whether it is disobedience to pressure from officials or the abuse to the existing system, the person can receive a greater punishment than for a carefully planned crime against health and life of another person.

We are returning to socialism with his most stupid traditions — imprisonment for political jokes. Yes, these are the words of the lawyers concluded the discussion about the already infamous amendment in the tenth section of the Criminal law — "crimes against the state". These amendments, endorsed by the Seimas on March 3, include an increase in punishment for their opinions and actions, and to interpret these words and actions can be different.

Despite the extensive annotation to the draft law, after reading it arises even more questions. For example, the 81st article "For appeals against the Republic of Latvia" stipulating including imprisonment for incitement to overthrow state power or to change the state system, explained in the annotations: "the Actions directed against the constitutional principles and basic interests of the Republic of Latvia in the bill criminalized regardless of the content of action (organizational, violent or any other action). (...) The compositions of the acts are split based on criminal acts and not from threatened interests. Action against any vitally important for the Republic of Latvia interests are essentially actions against the Republic of Latvia as a whole"

Read implies that any dissatisfaction of the society adopted at the state level decisions or dissatisfaction with what is happening in the public administration can be qualified as an action that threatens the interests of the state. But the interests of the state can be interpreted very broadly.

In the end, according to this annotation, harmful to state interests can be called citizens ' initiatives, for example, for an output of Latvia from the EU, against the deployment in Latvia refugees, against the transatlantic agreement on trade and investment partnership. Or, perhaps, detrimental to the interests of the state collecting signatures for the popular election of the President? And what about the slogan "Dissolve the Sejm?" This call can also be criminalized?

Interesting new article 81-I ("Assistance to a foreign state against the interests of the security of the Republic of Latvia"), which criminalizes assistance to a foreign state or foreign organization in hostile activities against the security interests of the Republic of Latvia. The authors of the law the need for such an article to explain the struggle with propaganda and misinformation, which manifests itself in including and in discrediting public officials.

And what can we do to journalists that sometimes their not very truthful statements and writings trying to discredit the Latvian officials in the eyes of the international community? What to do now Inge Springe? After all her research-essay Re:Baltica "Putin's Children", and various messages on twitter can be recognized as disinformation and discrediting of the political initiatives of the authorities. Do and she now shines term? It really will be too! Do not think that such a policy in the field of criminal law in any way in conformity with article 100 of the Constitution prohibiting censorship. Now it is time for all true fighters for freedom of speech to stand up and speak out against serious threats to the freedoms of the journalist and any politically active citizen of the country. If only those freedom fighters the freedom of speech is not limited to the right to defend the consideration of obscene poems.2.*

Besides the already mentioned articles, the new law has plenty of other oddities, but another surprising thing: after hearing a lot of constructive criticism from MPs, the authors of the amendments from the Police security promised for the final reading of the bill to correct the annotation and the article of the Criminal law to remain unchanged. Not sure I'll be able to view the police ten-page abstract to the law, to detain a person for a non-violent call to change the state structure. But I know one thing: preparing for war, in whatever form it was not, the authorities very rash to intimidate his people, at the same time expecting from residents of resolute actions in case of aggression of another state.

From external threats to Latvia protects the NATO troops and the increasing defense budget, which by priority has already surpassed demography. Diligently armed with appliances of all sizes and years of production, it must be remembered that the condition of existence of a strong state is a happy and well-fed inhabitants of the country. The most simple way, how to keep safe, but deserted the country to find the article of the Criminal law to every "suspicious" person and to introduce a tough regime that taxes we will pay even before we get to work, and about the political initiative and think will be afraid. As one of the representatives of the medical trade Union, we will become a country with well-protected cemetery.