11 April at 11:00 local time expired 48 hours, which the authorities gave the Pro-Russian activists in the East of Ukraine, who seized the administration building. The demonstrators were asked to vacate the premises owned by regional administrations and the security Service (SBU) of Ukraine, otherwise they will be applied force. However, at the expiration of the term of the ultimatum any use of force not followed and continued negotiations.

In Donetsk arrived the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who began the meeting with representatives of the Eastern regions of Ukraine. With him in negotiations took part the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the Vice Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema, the other members of the government, as well as people's Deputy of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov, Efim Levchenko, businessman Rinat Akhmetov, Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes and others.

Prime once again stressed that the government and the Central government is ready to listen to the opinion of not only the regions, but also to the opinion of everyone in the country. According to him, today it is necessary to change the country's Constitution and should include the elimination of regional administrations as a rudiment, and to return control of the territories in place, UNIAN reports. The Prime Minister noted that today Ukraine is facing serious challenges, and can be overcome only if we will all be one.

The Prime Minister assured that the law on languages will never be cancelled. "No one under any circumstances will not prevent to speak the language used", - he said, adding that "especially this concerns the Russian language. The Prime Minister reminded that the law on languages Kolesnichenko-Kivalov is valid and will not be cancelled.

the Supreme Happy 23 February 2014 has annulled the law on the state language policy of 3 July 2012. This law provided for the possibility of official bilingualism in the regions where the number of minority exceed 10%. In March, the acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has refused to sign this document

Yatsenyuk also supported the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on local referendum, explaining that the appropriate changes should be made to the law on national referendum. Currently, the legislation of Ukraine as a unitary state does not provide for the possibility of holding a referendum in the regions.

Now in Eastern regions of Ukraine remains mode "antiterrorist operation". According to local media, in the Donetsk and Luhansk sent military equipment and employees of the National guard of the Maidan, with the support of members of the radical organization "Right branch".

Meetings Pro-Russian demonstrators took place in these regions every weekend since the beginning of March. However, 6-7 April protesters in the Eastern cities seized administrative buildings. In Donetsk and Kharkiv activists declared the "people's Republic". In Lugansk, where the building of management of security service of Ukraine took masked men with Kalashnikovs, wanted to follow suit.

In Donetsk activists locking God, did permit some employees to enter the building and get to work. While protesters strengthened barricades around the regional administration, putting three series of obstacles, and the approaches to the building from a number of streets, enclosed by barbed wire.

Before to Donetsk from different districts of the region arrived organized groups of people who call themselves miners and about 200 people in orange helmets. The leaders of the self-proclaimed government also announced the creation of its own army. The commander of the troops was appointed Igor Kalijanov, reports the Ukrainian portal "Island" .

Member the self-proclaimed "provisional government" Denis Putilin said that activists are ready to leave the building of the regional state administration and go to the nearby building of prompoliplast, to create a joint guards and patrols with the police for the protection of the building of the regional state administration, to form a working group for preparation for conduction of the referendum and of complete Amnesty.

the Mayor Donetsk Alexander Lukyanchenko condemned seized the building of the regional state administration, saying that they are not patriots of the city and region. According to him, the protesters tried to block the movement of public transport.

In Harkove several hundred protesters moved from Freedom square to the building of the regional administration. Previously from the premises activists withdrew, holding approximately 65 people, who are accused of "mass disturbances". In most cases, when choosing a measure of restraint, the court determined the pledge. The activists were seized a traumatic pistols (and one combat), six boxes of Molotov cocktails and knives, told the commander of the internal troops of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

Kharkov the district administrative court banned the Pro-Russian group of protesters hold rallies, citing the interests of "national security and civil order", UNIAN reports.

In Lugansk opponents of the incumbent authorities continue to hold the office of security. Around the building there barricades of tires, wooden structures, sand bags and cement. The night before came here about one and a half thousand people.

Previously protesters in Lugansk blocked the military unit of the interior Ministry troops. According to law enforcers, the participants of the action explained its actions by the desire to prevent victims from both sides, if in part received the order to storm the management of the SBU.

10 April, on the Day of Odessa's liberation from Nazi troops in the city was organized by the Pro-Russian March with the Imperial flags and shouting in support of "Berkut", informs "Duma". Presidential candidate, the people's Deputy of Sergey Tigipko in Odessa threw eggs, informs "Glavred", and near the hotel, where there was a presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev, a fight broke Pro-Russian activists and participants of local Maidan, "Ukrainskaya Pravda"writes.