Screenwriter and one of the producers of 10 serial paintings will Josh Friedman, who worked on the films "War of the worlds" (2006), "the Black Dahlia" (2006) and TV series "Terminator: the Battle for the future". The Director will be Matthew Arnold, currently working on the TV series "Sibir" ("Siberia"). Casting of actors for the main roles in the television movie has not yet started.

the Creators of describe the "emerald city", as "the modern and darker," the reinterpretation of the classic stories Bouma of Oz "in the spirit of the series "Game of thrones"". The script will be based on some of the episodes of books by American writer and will include a deadly battle and struggle for the throne, and the famous wizard of oz will be shown "how it is never seen."

In the series will focus on older Dorothy Gale, the main heroine of the few fantasy novels Bouma. 20-year-old girl gets back to the land of Oz, where I visited as a child, and her eyes unfolds "bloody struggle for power" in the magic country.

Series Лаймена L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) about the land of Oz includes 14 books. Many of them were filmed. The most famous adaptation is "the Wizard of Oz" with Judy garland in the title role. In 2013 screens the film was released Sam Raimi Oz: the Great and terrible" with James Franco, Mila kunis starring