It is known that before Риналдс K. seven times brought to responsibility for violation of public order and ignoring the rules of the road.

Риналдс K. and his sacrifice - emigrants from Latvia, they met at one of the Internet portals. In late November 2011 man invited a friend to his private house, where they were drinking alcohol. As the woman drank a lot, she stayed the night away. The next day feast continued.

the Victim told, that about noon, it was again felt a desire to sleep. When she woke up, she realised that Риналдс tries to kiss her. Then it was stated that the door is closed and a new friend wants to produce it: a man pressed her down and tightly gripped the hand, assuring them that she better sober up at his house.

When the woman tried to break chair window, Риналдс pushed her away and hit him in the face. However, the victim managed to escape and ask for help from neighbors. Later those noted that Риналдс strongly overdose with alcohol and tell different stupidity. Some time later arrived on the scene the police.

the court of the defendant declared that not released the girl out of the house, because she was strong drunk. In his words, he didn't want the neighbours saw the leaves drunken stranger.

the Court sentenced Риналдса to 18 months of conditional imprisonment with suspended execution of sentence of two years.