Khodorkovsky gave his hand prison inmates. "Bandits, thieves, professional criminals in such areas - 10%, and innocent people - 10 percent, " he said. The remaining 80 percent jail for drunk and наркоте. And another 20 percent are not for what they have done. Guilty, but not in that", said Khodorkovsky.

to him, if found guilty, then he is not guilty. "I think that 10 percent of verdicts of acquittal should be, and 10 percent of people would be in jail, because they are innocent," he said.

" another 15 percent should not be in prison, because, although they are guilty, but the wine is not proven, and that means they are innocent legally. If the first (about innocent) it is clear to everyone, then the second (about unproven) very many do not understand, unfortunately. We have been, and remains," he added.

Khodorkovsky said that in the colonies under Краснокаменском, where he was serving his term on the first case of Yukos, many were not the case. "Many people sat for another's. Someone fell out with someone. Someone took away something. But the main thing: "sticks" need for a beautiful statistics in the fight against crime. For example, a crime is committed, it is necessary for someone to hang him," he explained.

Ex-head of Yukos added that behind the bars are very many ordinary addicts "rattled" in prison as distributors. "In the second camp, where I sat in Karelia, too many of those who sit for anything. There 70 percent of migrant workers. From Central Asia," added Khodorkovsky.

pardon oligarch became known after the press conference of Vladimir Putin in December last year. For Amnesty Mikhail Khodorkovsky asked himself. From prison businessman was released in the Day of the chekist. He was immediately delivered to the German capital on a private jet provided by a German businessman, at the request of the former foreign Minister of Germany Hans-Dietrich Геншера. Khodorkovsky said that he is not going to be back in business and politics.