Located in the heart of the old town in Vilnius in the clinic "NEW VISION" in January of 2016 begins its work for solid state laser vision correction LASERSOFT, with cold LED technology of vision correction.

The clinic's chief doctor Andrei Radko with the experience of more than 40 000.00 excellent procedures vision correction notice.

"Seemed excimer lasers were just a magic wand, minutes of work and an excellent result. But the coming of the new age vision correction, we rejected their work from the use of excimer lasers. It has compelling reasons.

1.The speed of the fastest excimer laser the 500 Hz, solid-state LASERSOFT

over 10 000.00 Hz to twenty times faster. The point of application of the laser beam tens of times less. And this is the accuracy of the result. When discussing with the patient the possibility of laser vision correction,we have a common goal-to obtain the best possible result from the correction. The most vision,it is very important for drivers,pilots,sportsmen.

And when , the doctor can choose the equipment, of course the choice in favor refractive ,not femtosekundnogo or excimer laser.

And now this miracle is in the workplace.

Our clinic always uses the latest technology vision correction

IQ-LASIK Oxygen,IQ-Sport line,and now using the latest equipment I can see the results are just wonderful.

Another frequency of laser radiation does not sensitive the presence of moisture and does not prevent the correction, cold and delicate procedure LED correction to move patients more comfortable.

Of course the use of the latest technology and equipment has its price.

And the cost of laser correction will increase significantly in our clinic.

But having a lot of requests from our patients, the hospital management decided on the whole 2016 to make a special "introductory price" on the procedure of laser correction and leave the price level of 2015.

And it is a great gift to all of our patients.

Details on our website www.eyes.lt