1. Visit to the gynecologist

Each a woman should regularly visit the gynecologist, therefore, clarification of the status of women's health should be one of the first steps when planning pregnancy.

Gynecologist appoint a woman needs analysis, and discuss all important issues that may affect pregnancy - problems of the menstrual cycle, used contraceptives and other issues relating to the General state of health. You also need to take preventive check for cervical cancer, which in Latvia is free of charge to women 25-67 years at the invitation of the National centre

2 A visit to the family doctor

Planning pregnancy should also be assessed General health
and immunity to improve it even before conception. It is therefore recommended
go to the family doctor and make a complete blood count, to ensure
adequacy vitamins in the body, especially of vitamin D3 and iron, to set the level of hemoglobin and test the thyroid gland. It is important to eliminate such risks, as hepatitis C and B, AIDS, check out the immunity against rubella. Remember that once a year you need to do x-rays of the lungs, or fluorogram to ensure the health of your lungs. It would also show your passport vaccination and consult with your family doctor about vaccinations.

How emphasizes gynecologist of Rotsas, family doctor who has an idea about the health of my patient will be advised and other ways to improve health before conception, to the process of waiting child joy, and not too much excitement.

3. Family health

Preparing the appearance of the child, need to care about the health of not only women but also men, since the partner is 50% of the unborn child.

Man should follow the same General health check that and the woman, and optionally, you can see an andrologist - expert on male health.

Before how to plan pregnancy, partners should check the condition of the teeth. Both better to give up alcohol and Smoking (both active and passive), as these substances can significantly affect the quality of sperm.

It also the best time to discuss the experience of the women of his family in connection with pregnancy - what he was his mother, grandmother, it is difficult for your pregnancy or, on the contrary, very easily. In us is stored genetic code
previous generations, so it is important to listen to their life experience.

4. Vitamins

Gynecologist Ruttas believes that if a woman gets qualitative and balanced nutrition, additional synthetic vitamins at
preparation of pregnancy is not desired. The exception is the early spring, when
after the winter of our stocks of vitamins depleted. However, three months before
conception it is recommended to start taking folic acid to avoid
defect neural tube and to ensure the full development of the fetus. Folic
acid you can take in a natural form, because it contains
all green plants, for example, dill, spinach, onions and others. Each
man, after consulting with the doctor must evaluate
the need taking vitamins.

5. Food

If it is possible, the preparation of the body for pregnancy should be planned
in season, when available natural vitamins, because in winter and in early
spring vegetables and fruits lose their nutritional value. Every woman needs on an individual basis to assess quality of its food and nutrition her family where grown product, the extent to which he treated with chemicals, contains enough useful substances. Peel vegetables and
fruits can contain a lot of chemicals, so it is better to clean
the fruit, if you are not sure in their origin.

at least once a week is recommended to eat high-quality fish, as well as more clean meat is, for example,
rabbit or beef (drawing attention to the origin), because
what meat provides the body with the necessary supply of iron. Their menu
need review also vegetarians and vegans to ensure that
accept food enough iron and vitamin B12.

it is Important to eat in proportion to remember that food should be enjoyed.
Even eating the unwholesome food, for example, fast food, it is better to do it at
small the number and with pleasure.

do Not we recommend that is after 18.00, as it helps you sleep better and
more efficient to recover the body. If you have the desire to eat
in the evening, it is better to use a thermally processed foods and avoid

6. Physical activity

Preparing for pregnancy, you should pay attention to the General physical
health. It is recommended that any physical activity, which delivers
the pleasure. If a woman wants to pay special attention to readiness
your body for pregnancy, it is recommended to visit the competent
physical therapist to assess muscle mass, tone and symmetry.

it is Recommended to train the muscles of the pelvis, aperture, and to assess
muscle force.

If are overweight, it is advisable to visit a dietician to reduce its
balanced and friendly to the body by a method before pregnancy, and not during it.