According to French newspaper l'est Republicain, 46-year-old resident of the Doubs Department in the beginning to spend money in the belief that she had hit the jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery. For three weeks in February and March of 2014 she celebrated the win by handing out checks to the stores and buying expensive perfume, clothes and jewelry.

According to the newspaper, she "recklessly" spent about 4000 euros before the family began to worry: purchases accumulate, and no representatives of the lottery didn't contact them. Then the husband of the woman decided to check the lottery ticket and found that the wife was wrong — the numbers in her ticket was not a winner.

Realizing that her money no one is not going to pay, the woman announced that she had stolen the bag, and, accordingly, did not buy it. She even burned the bag, thinking that he had covered his tracks well, although the evidence remained in the shops CCTV cameras.

Now the woman was charged with fraud. Some sellers contacted her, offering to pay for goods in installments. The defendant said she was "ashamed and afraid" to talk to representatives of shops, but she promised to pay them.

The Prosecutor demanded to sentence it to conditional imprisonment for four months and compulsory work. The defense insisted that the purchases were made without malice, by an oversight, but the manipulation of the bag have become an aggravating circumstance. Ultimately, the court agreed with the request of the Prosecutor and ordered the woman to pay compensation to the victims.