According to representatives of the Czech brand new Skoda Superb has become 30 percent more economical than its predecessor thanks to the clothed design and improved aerodynamics. While the return of engines has increased by approximately 20 percent.

In the engine range of Superb will include a 120-horsepower diesel engine of 1.6 liters, and two two-liter engine with "heavy fuel" that develops 150 and 190 forces. The petrol range will include supercharged 1.4 units with a capacity of 125 and 150 horsepower, and the top engine will be a two-liter "turbocore" with a capacity of 280 horsepower.

Transmission - six-speed "mechanics" or "robot" DSG dual-clutch. For new items will also be available all-wheel drive system based on the coupling Haldex last generation.

In the interior used 29 different "smart" solutions, ten of which brand was used for the first time. In particular, in each front door has an umbrella. In addition, the cabin has a stand and a special compartment for storing a tablet computer, as well as foldable hitch, led flashlight, 230-volt outlet and USB port. In addition, the new product can be equipped with a multimedia system that supports integration with operating systems Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.