One of the outsiders of the Western conference failed to provide decent resistance to the basketball Knicks, which is already in the first quarter scored "10" in their favor. Before the break the visitors doubled their lead— 63:43.

In the third quarter "suns" played seven points, but the final 12-minute guests completely dominated on the floor "taking Stick resort Arena" and brought the score to devastating— 128:97.

At owners of a platform it is possible to allocate Devin Booker, recorded in the asset 32 points. In the "Knicks" significant contribution to the victory was brought Carmelo Anthony and Sasha vujačić, who scored 23 points. Kristaps Porzingis for 22.5 minutes of playing time scored 13 points and 5 rebounds. Mainly Latvian forward has hit the ring from the free throw line (8 points), while shots from the game left much to be desired (sold 1 of seven 2-point and 1 of 3 three-point).

This victory became for "new York" 27th in the League. Knicks shares 11-13 places with Orlando and Milwaukee in the Eastern conference.

NBA-2015/16. Regular season:

Phoenix Suns — New York Knicks 97:128 (19:29, 24:34, 32:25, 22:40)

FS: Booker (32), Lazy (14, 10 rebounds), Price (11 6 assists), Jenkins (11), Teletovic (11)...

NN: vujačić (23 5 rebounds), Anthony (23 7 rebounds), Williams (18), Grant (14), Lopez (13 and 8 rebounds 5 block shots), Porzingis (13 5 rebounds), Calderon (10 12 gear)...

Percentage of implementation:
with games (43.8/56.1)
from beyond the arc (31/66.7)
from the free throw line (66.7/83.3).
10 March. Phoenix. "Taking Stick Resort Arena". 17 105 spectators.