Work and family always in Liene (30) went hand in hand. Celebrations she often came in the company of her first-born son of Sebastian Mathias. Now he began to study at the school. But the youngest son, who is only a year, already met with the Latvian show business. The birth of her second child hasn't stopped the singer on her musical path as a career has never prevented her to be a good mom.

She is constantly posting pictures of their data. The singer always finds the time to play with them.

Liene also takes the time to learn. She wants to become a filmmaker, which in the fall enrolled at RISEBA programme "Audiovisual media art". "I like the work of the Director. Concert direction I did many times while working on their concerts and to order. I directed the festivals. This for me has mastered the field, so I want to study in depth videorescue", - she told the magazine Privātā Dzīve.

However, she admitted that in Latvia it is difficult to earn serious money. "I have no incentive to work only for the Latvian market. I have big goals. Honestly, we do not have enough specialists in this industry. So I have an idea to study further abroad. One of the options is in Russia," added Liene Graphene.

As for children, they inspire new podvigi.