In the premiere performance of the participating Anta jankovska (Italy), Ilona bagel, Nauris, Injures, Marlena Kane, Emils Kivlenieks, Inese Yasman-Rurane, Janis Kirmuska, Madars Zarins Karlis and tools.

The work reflects the decadence of Weimar Germany, when a woman becomes a "person", person with rights and opinions and not just your husband's wife. The idea that each person has both male and female, characteristic of the German cabaret culture of the twenties and is one of the main ideas for this charming immoral operetta. Free man and free will, equal rights regardless of gender.

Operetta "Ball in Savoy" is the third production in the context of the revival of the operetta in Latvia. It is the opinion of the Director a new generation of Gundara silakaktinsh on the diverse and colorful operetta genre. In the plot – the story is about adventures of a young couple after the honeymoon. Newlyweds Aristide and Madeleine had just returned from their honeymoon a year. Suddenly, Aristide receives a telegram from his former lover, jazz singer Tangolita, where he promised a meeting on its first request. In turn the young wife realizes that cheated and decides to repay her husband cheating with the first comer.

Director Gundars Elacatinus, conductor – Normunds, Vitis, choreographer albert Kivlenieks, designer Ivar Novix, costume designer – Jurate Ariane-Salakatin, svetorezhisser – krišjānis Strazdas, producer – Latvian Fund operetta and his supervisor Agia ozoliņa-kozlowska.

The next time the presentation will take place on 28 March at 15.00, 3 and 24 April in the Palace of culture ziemeļblāzma. And 2 April at 19.00 on tour in Liepaja theatre.

Tickets can be purchased at the offices of Bilesu paradīze.