Today you can look at and evaluate candidates, among them "IDA Paul Pawlikowska, which attracted a record number of awards at international film festivals and also nominated for "Oscar" from Poland in the section "Best foreign film".

Picture, stylish and deep, taken in the aesthetics of the sixties, in a sophisticated black-and-white palette using exciting visual language exudes the fragrance of the "new cinema" and keeps the emotional tension... the Film you can see the 18 and 21 September in the cinema Splendid Palace.

Also among the nominees - winner of the Golden palm at the Cannes film festival 2014 "Winter sleep" (Winter Sleep) directed by Nuri bilge Ceylan, the only show which will take place on 20 September. Film - the Director's desire not looking up from the Turkish reality, to accommodate all the major stories in Russian literature, especially Chekhov and Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. Outstanding fine gift for directing, unique sense of humor and even directing narcissism forced to watch this movie without stopping.

"Two days and one night" from repeated winners of the Cannes film festival, winners of the Oscar, the main European producers of the twenty-first century brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne with the gorgeous Marion Cotillard in the title role. Without making any unnecessary movements, never allowing false notes they took poignant film, an absolute masterpiece, once again showing the filigreed their direction. The film, made from pieces of real life, not containing any optional or random frame, dialog or episode can be viewed in the cinema Splendid Palace on 18 and 21 September.

Shot in 3D, experimental painting "Words, good-bye" living classic Jean-Luc Godard also included in the list of contenders. The joke is brilliant avant-gardist, fierce and mocking the avant-garde, full of fun games the mind, delightfully campy, outrageous eclectic and philosophically poetic marks the parting of the father-founder of the "new wave" with the usual cinematic language, and possibly with the film. The film will be shown at the cinema Citadele 19 September.

All of these films, as well as other significant paintings can be viewed on the festival "Baltic pearl", held in Riga until 21 September.