Tips Chinese

Perhaps best of all is the essence of tea understand the Chinese, who discovered the drink petal tea tree 5000 years ago. Tea allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma, to celebrate life. For many centuries the Chinese have not only learned how to drink tea, but also knew how to drink should not be. Therefore, to ancient Chinese wisdom worth listening to. What are the 10 Chinese "no" for tea?

  • The Chinese believe that tea should not drink on an empty stomach, as tea has a cooling effect. If you drink tea incorrectly, it will over-cool the stomach and spleen.
  • They believe that tea should not drink and immediately after eating. It dilutes the digestive juices needed to break down food. Tea should be drunk half an hour after meals.
  • You cannot drink the boiling water. This tea can injure the walls of the esophagus and stomach. Incidentally, tea is best not boiling water, and slightly chilled water. According to the Chinese, the best tea is brewed at a temperature of 56 ºC.
  • You should not drink and iced tea too. This drink will not invigorate the body. Instead of the expected influx of energy you will be feeling cold and severity.
  • You cannot drink too strong tea. Tea is a remedy that contains many different substances. So, the drink could not be overly strong. Dose of tannin and caffeine in strong tea will be too big, and that means severe irritation of the nervous system. As a result, you threaten migraine and insomnia.
  • Tea can not "cooking". In this process evaporate all the valuable substances, and the tea becomes sour. Also, do not let your tea too long to steep, like tea leaves in a small amount and contain harmful substances. Tea should be drunk after 10-15 minutes after cooking.
  • Although good tea can be brewed several times, it is better not to do it more than twice. On the third time the tea will lose its flavor, aroma and all nutrients. In addition, leaks out harmful elements.
  • The Chinese do not recommend to drink tea immediately before eating. Under the influence of tea, the saliva becomes more liquid, and the food seems tasteless. In turn, the abuse of tea delays the process of digestion of proteins in the body.
  • Tea can not drink the medicine, as it changes the effect of their actions.
  • You should not drink tea yesterday. A night in it multiplied by various bacteria, while vitamins are gone.

Tips modern nutritionists

According to the latest research, four out of five Europeans prepare tea properly. Most people, brewing tea, believe that cooking is about five minutes. Often they do not stand in such a time as this. Tea consists of 30 000 different chemical elements, this is a very complex drink. Stepped up all of the precious molecules of tea to start the process of their interaction, it takes time. So, tea should be drunk within 10-15 minutes after cooking.

Tea is a very valuable drink in his production invested a lot of work, starting with the cultivation of the tea Bush, collecting petals, etc. In the end, in modern times, always in a hurry, making tea wrong and spoil this wonderful product. Modern research shows that it is best to wait and drink tea at a temperature of about 65 ºC.

Scientists have also tried to answer the question of when to pour a Cup of milk before or after tea. Milk certainly need to add in the last turn, otherwise it affects the process of revitalization and maker. If tea is prepared in a separate vessel, the time of adding milk is not so important. In General, nutritionists believe that milk added to tea is not worth it. In addition, tea should be drunk without sugar.

And if you want to reduce appetite, nutritionists recommend before meals drink a Cup of green tea. As a result, you will eat much less. Scientists also are urged not to drink all the time the same tea. Home should have at least four different types of tea that need to be alternated.