The first stage faster than anyone has completed the Finnish team in the face of Kaisa Mäkäräinen. The second position was unexpectedly Fuuko Tatsuki from the national team of Japan, third the baton has passed astrike. Russian Tatyana Akimova was 14th behind the leader in 38 seconds.

By mid race was in the lead thanks to Canada, Rosanna Crawford, Franziska Hildebrand led the German team to second place, and third crossed the equator racing team of Ukraine in the person of Irina Vavrinec. The Russians (Anastasia Zagoruiko) were still lagging behind by 38 seconds.

On the last stage of the first left Norwegian women. This seriously contributed to Tiril Eckhoff, brought 23 seconds to Germany's Maren Hammerschmidt and 28 seconds — the French anais Chevalier. The Russian national team "thanks" Daria Virolainen, which had to run two penalty loops, I had to settle for 15th position and was inferior to the leaders of more than two minutes.

Finished the race in Norway March ASBU, which has kept a comfortable lead from the pack immediately, but in the rack had two penalties, and while he reloaded the rifle, with France's Marie Dorin habert have managed to reduce the gap to 8 seconds. German Laura Dahlmeier was after the last shooting in 11 seconds from ASBU.

It quickly became clear that Dallmeier will not be able to join in the struggle for gold, but Dorin habert to the finish pressed a Norwegian. However, the March ASBU managed to defend the first place and bring in the Treasury of the home team's second gold. France at this time was limited to silver, but remains the undisputed leader of the overall medal standings (5 gold awards — 3 silver and one bronze). German women have joined my team third in this championship bronze, also in the national team of Germany in Holmenkollen — one gold and silver.

As for the Russian team, women's team frankly failed relay (like the rest until the championship), finishing 11th (last step for the Russians fled Ekaterina Yurlova).

Biathlon. The 2016 world Cup. Women. Women 4x6 km relay:

1. Norway (Synnøve Solemdal, Fanny horn Birkeland, Tiril Eckhoff, March ASBU) — 1:07.10,0 (0 penalty laps 6 additional rounds).
2. France (Justine Breza, Anahi, anais Bescond, anais Chevalier , Marie Dorin-habert) — the gap 5,3 (0 8).
3. Germany (Franziska Preuss, Franziska Hildebrand, Maren Hammerschmidt, Laura Dahlmeier) 28,6 (0 4)...
11. Russia (Tatiana Akimova, Anastasia Zagoruiko, Daria Virolainen, Ekaterina Yurlova) 3.07,9 (2 3)...