"Now centre of Donetsk on its own initiative patrol voluntary militia Cossacks and Afghan veterans. Also reinforced police patrols", - have informed in the regional administration.

Previously the Internet has information that in Donetsk go activists of the "Right sector" radical nationalist wing "Евромайдана". Supposedly it was about a group of up to 500 people. Representatives of the "Right sector" took part in clashes with police in downtown Kiev and capture of regional administrations in the West of the country.

25 January and 26 January Afghan and Cossacks in Donetsk picket. They expressed support for the current government and against the situation in the country. Its members attacked by unknown people in masks and with bits.

And in Lviv Association of the national guard of Ukraine". As informs "Vgolos" with reference to a member of the initiative group of Svyatoslav jaworowski, it included people legally owning firearms. They, allegedly, will be engaged in "the protection of citizens".

We not extremists, we anyone does not threaten, but мародерам, traitors of their people, who will make violence and lawlessness, we will give an adequate response," Yavorivskyi said. He also urged to create similar associations in other parts of Ukraine.

In Lviv opposition supporters seized the regional administration and announced the creation of a "people's Council".

Previously one of the opposition leaders, former interior Minister Anatoly Gritsenko urged those who have registered firearms, be ready to apply it against the "bandits". Former Minister stressed that "if the bandits will destroy the Maidan and kill people, he personally will protect people and will shoot first."

In the last days of opposition supporters, who organized the seizure of the regional administration in Western Ukraine, became active in the Central part, and the East of the country.