1. Gypsetgoddess

You will know that it is the real guru yoga, when you see it, or as in this case, it can go under water.

2. Yogabeyond

Not one, but two masters! Interesting for those that are constantly traveling and constantly finding the opportunity to practice yoga in the most unexpected places. Why their photos everything always looks so easy, but actually it is very difficult — we don't know.

3. Yoga_girl

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Be careful — this yoga teacher prefers beaches and oceans that can cause acute attacks of envy. Especially when she does it right on a surfboard on one of the Caribbean resorts.

4. Patrickbeach

What we're all about girls, Yes girls. We also have male teachers, and even such great and perfect, from yoga sessions to hairstyles and beards. Yes, the beard! And yet, he has a cat. Yes, the cat!

5. Laurasykora

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The founder of the fitness website Two Fit Moms regularly includes photos of family members that is making for your household almost impossible mission of finding new excuses to not do yoga with you.

6. Tjhark

This yoga instructor likes to surprise its subscribers from time to time. And so it basically shows her husband, classes and nature. Sometimes all together in one shot.

7. Mcyogi

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This wizard knows how to combine music and yoga regularly performs at various festivals, and also gives master classes worldwide. It can be found in his Instagram".