According to the Ministry of health, in comparison with 2009 the number of mentally ill in the country increased by 14 585 persons or 21%.

In 2014, mental illness as the first diagnosis were found in 5 851 patient.

Most often, doctors diagnose an organic mental disorder, schizophrenia, schizotypal disorder, and mental retardation. These diagnoses were supplied 69% of the total number of patients with problems of the psyche.

Clinical depression is diagnosed in 7% of inhabitants of Latvia aged 15 — 64 years. Paid for government help in the treatment of depression asked only 0.3% of patients.

Also noted a positive trend: in 2009, in Latvia approximately 20% drop in the number of suicides. Experts say that men decide to suicide four times more often than women.

Also in the message of Ministry of health indicated that the number of psychiatrists in Latvia is sufficient for the timely assistance. However, there are not enough specialists in the field of child psychiatry. In total at the end of 2014 in the country were 240 psychiatrists.