They met on the set of the film Swing Shift. After seeing how Russell deals with her two children, hawn immediately realized that he is: "I watched their children on the set, and I was hooked how sincerely he were busy with them. It was amazing, he has a gift".

Foto: EPA/Scanpix

After years between hawn and Russell still run spark. Recently they won a long-deserved star on the Hollywood "walk of fame" and cute posed for photographers. Hawn is promoting his new film Snatched, and 66-year-old Russell, his role in the new blockbuster "Guardians of the galaxy 2" (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2).

"To you I owe my wonderful life" — appealed to Russell hawn during her acceptance speech. "Simply put, Goldie, I love you dearly and even all the stars in the sky or on the alley will not be able to compete with you".

71-summer hawn told about the secrets that helped save their relationship: "Love, gratitude and empathy. Sometimes every man and every woman can bring to mind your partner. Family, fun, laughter, sex,. If you do not care about these things, then down the drain".