Penny got a little older, in front of the graduating class, new challenges and new life lessons. Many go through this at her age: the first disappointment in a relationship with a guy, the envy of friends and really serious profession. But whatever happens, penny is always a means of salvation — her cozy blog where she can talk about everything. Heroes zoë Sugg — modern Teens, generation online, could not imagine their life without social networks. But despite all the pessimistic forecasts of some sad adults, these guys are still in first place — real love and sincere friendship.

The beginning of the school year, penny meets alone: her boyfriend Noah disappeared from radar and nobody knows where he is. She decides that art classes and meet new people — the best way to cope with depression. She plunged into creativity and a lot of time on friends. Will it help penny to get rid of the Ghost of ex-boyfriend and open a new page in your life?

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