"The first task for us is to keep a place in the elite division. But there already see how it will turn out. Complex calendar? The balance, by and large, the same as last year, changes are minimal. And for the benefit of those changes or not, will be able to see only after the tournament," said Zirnis.

According to the assistant coach of the national team of Latvia of Leonid Beresneva, "the preparation we had a very good. Played a few games in which played very well".

"We at every world Cup outsiders, so it's not big news, we're used to. Therefore, do not now think globally: we will play with the Swedes, then see how it goes," said assistant Beresneva in an interview "R-Sport".

In turn, the goalkeeper of the national team of Latvia Edgars Masalsky said that "we set the task to take tenth place, but we still talk. We didn't come here to lose, we want to win, will go from match to match, biting points".

"Organizatsionnye problems in the team? We agreed not to talk in the press of Affairs in the team has improved, and all the talk helped with the organization of many things" — quoted can be found here "R-Sport".

The goalkeeper added that after signing a new contract with Togliatti "Lada" his thoughts now about the world Cup.

Below is a photo gallery from the training of the national team of Latvia in Moscow before the world Cup.