Among the so-called Silence Breakers ("Breaching the peace"), the singer Taylor swift, actress and Director rose McGowan, actress Ashley Judd.

The movement was launched by actress alyssa Milano. A friend sent Alice a message about the harassment to her. Everyone who also became a victim of the disorderly conduct, the actress is called to put the hashtag #MeToo and tell their story. Swift in August won a court case about sexual harassment. In the case against DJ David Muller singer was awarded a symbolic $1.

On the December cover of Time magazine appears the actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor swift and former engineer Uber Susan Fowler. They took an active part in the organization of the flash mob and facilitated its global spread once published the results of investigations of numerous harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The editorial Board said that the movement are hundreds of other people, thanks to which for the first time in a few decades the situation of violence in film has been discussed. According to the publication, the hashtag became popular in at least 85 countries worldwide, according to

Revelations like regular people and celebrities, which they published under the hashtag #metoo, caused the withdrawal of the industry for many well-known people who have abused their position. Later, talking about the violence in other spheres: politics, journalism and others.

Earlier, the readers of the magazine chose the person of the year crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud. 32-year-old Prince got 24% of the votes of the readers. In second place, readership rating — hashtag #MeToo.

Time magazine chooses the man of the year since 1927. First this title was given to legendary Aviator Charles Lindenberg. In different years, the Man was Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin (twice), Queen Elizabeth II, Nikita Khrushchev, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev (twice), etc. In 2007 Man of the year was declared by Vladimir Putin in 2008 and 2012 — Barack Obama, 2015 — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, last year, is the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump.