According to the streak, from the words of investigators interrogating her PB to her, it became clear that it is checked for possible violation of the 89-th article of the Criminal law — "actions aimed at undermining certain departments to harm the Republic of Latvia". The penalty for this offence from 5 to 12 years in prison and possible confiscation of property.

"The BOP is investigating whether the articulation of the truth a crime against the state. Can we criticize the government", — explained to the magazine Ir the streak. "I think this is a classic pursuit, which is engaged in the head bpbc'chenok, with the support of generalprokuratur and execution of the IB," — said Tomic (tomiche) wrote. "It's a step back towards the Soviet Union, where the repression of critical opinions about the authorities have been normal practice".

Juris Jurass, who IB also called in for questioning, called the situation absurd. "Me and Utah are the only ones that ring a bell and draw attention to the unacceptable situation, its risks, that there is a disorder of bpbc. And instead of having to react and try to understand what is happening in the Bureau, to do something, they deal with those who have allowed himself such a claim," explained Jurass.