However, the problem of studying the subsoil of Latvia and search for valuable metals is that, according to the law, land owners have the right not only as its upper layer, but all that is under it, recognizes the issue.

In October, the transfer of More personīga (Nothing personal) of TV3 channel reported that a private company for seven years, pumped from the bowels of the Latvian oil more than five million euros, but neither the government nor the government any financial benefit from didn't get one, because officially, this production is considered only oil exploration.

Oil production is carried out by the government a plot of Gudenieki parish Kuldiga region. Before oil exploration there doing owned by millionaire Peteris smidre firm Alīna, but in 2009 he passed the business to his partners. Land leased by the company Baltic Oil Assets and a license to work with hydrocarbons — the Baltic Oil Management, which is owned Sigite Wish-Savlage.

As a result of the national audit office's audit revealed that income Baltic Oil Management from the sale of hydrocarbons in the past year amounted to 750 000 euros, in 2015 — about a million euros, and in 2014 — 1.2 million euros. The last two years, the company worked with losses.

The national audit office found that the state at the time made concessions to the oil business, and the requirements for firms was minimal. Since 2000, the rules according to which the oil is extracted the state had to 2-12% of its value. But in 2009, the government adopted a prepared by the Ministry of economy rules that working in Gudenieki oil producers were not required to pay legal costs. As a result, the state budget shortfall of 133 thousand euros.

Wish-Saluga explains that her company is engaged in oil exploration and is now at the stage of experimental production.

The head of the national audit office Elite Krumina perplexed: how can it take so long to explore the possibilities of oil production in one place. "We have lived up to 2017. Transformed this process in oil production?", — asks Krumina.