The report, as DELFI wrote the day before, was prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) on behalf of the UN. This annual study, which is based largely on surveys of the Gallup World Poll (GWP), that is, that it is said by the inhabitants of the countries in the surveys.

In the overall ranking of Latvia is located on the 68-th line, caught between Libya and Cyprus. For comparison, Lithuania has 60-th place, Estonia — 72-e, Russia — 53rd and Britain — 23-E.

However, if we look only at the change in level of happiness between 2005 and 2007, for 2013-2015, that is, over the last ten years (minus the years of crisis, thrown deliberately by the authors) Latvia is in the top 5 countries, the sense of self happiness which has grown the most. Russia rounded out the top 10, and Estonia, Lithuania and the UK are presented for comparison.

Despite the seemingly small difference, this growth is enormous. As particularly emphasized in the SDSN, all countries included in the top-10, showed a growth of happiness, as if their inhabitants had doubled salaries. And the leaders of the rating — and even more.

However, why "as if doubled"? The level of salaries in Latvia during this period more than doubled. According to the data of Central statistical Bureau's "minimum salary" has increased from 170 EUR in 2007 to 360 in 2015. While the average net salary was changed so:

They say that money can't buy happiness. And, indeed, rating the happiest countries, compiled by the SDSN, based on many factors, among which is not only self-perception of the inhabitants. We have learned from the report the figures that relate to the Baltic States, Russia and the far the UK, which ran for many Latvians.

The authors of the report don't draw conclusions for each country — the numbers are inherently curious, especially when comparing them with neighbors.

And if you believe the charts, the happiness of the Latvians in the money. For 10 years they have become happier just by growing revenue, a little less "sense corruption", increased the credibility of the government and slightly increased life expectancy. Other indicators of Latvia, only closer to the level of 2005-2007, and the good emotions at all Latvians began to experience significantly less than ten years ago. The reason to think?

The self — average score on a scale from 0 to 10, obtained in the result of the poll Gallup World Poll (GWP). People were asked to rate the level of happiness in the moment.

Income — GDP per capita, calculated according to statistics World Development Indicators world Bank.

SOC. support — the presence or absence in the lives of relatives or friends, to help whom you can count on in difficult times.

Lifespan — duration of a healthy and full life. According to who statistics and WDI.

Freedom of choice — the feeling of being able to change your life somehow. In a survey of GWP.

A sense of corruption — the average answers to questions about the extent of the corruption in government and business. In a survey of GWP. The only graph where the higher the value, the better.

Good emotions and bad below, according to the GWP. Average response to questions about whether they experienced yesterday interviewed happiness and joy, laughed do yesterday?

Bad emotions, grieved whether respondents before the survey whether they experienced various negative emotions, including anger?

Confidence in the government, the confidence of the residents in the national government of their country, the evaluation also obtained in the survey of GWP.