The information that the apartment in the Riga region is the body of a woman, the police received Sunday 3 December. At the scene police found the woman no signs of life with numerous impact marks. The apartment slept the civil husband of the woman 1979, his body was 2.8 ppm alcohol. The police had information that the man involved in the death of women. He was arrested. Criminal record the man had.

During the investigation employees of the Saulkrasti police Department, together with colleagues from the Department of criminal police learned that on Saturday night between a man and a woman had a conflict, the man beat the woman, causing it died.

Criminal case is brought. The suspect was arrested. He faces imprisonment for a term of five to 20 years.

Police also learned that the man in the family and had previously behaved aggressively and was beating a woman, but she the police was not sought.

In such cases, if timely treatment to the police and a written statement of the victim's home rapist may be forced to leave the common residence and prohibit him to approach the family. In 2016, Latvia was accepted 184 such decisions. For the first nine months of 2017, the police took 509 of such decisions.